Suddenly Stronger

Roxanne - The Unshrinking Woman

June 07, 2021 Rachel Flint Season 1 Episode 9
Suddenly Stronger
Roxanne - The Unshrinking Woman
Show Notes

"I'm no longer shrinking to be digestible. You can choke."

Roxanne shared this powerful quote (source unknown) on her Facebook page, and she takes it to heart. She is bold, outspoken, and so much fun to talk to.

She never met her birth father. She was abused by her stepdad. Manipulated and humiliated by her church. Her toxic marriage ultimately led to abuse and hearing loss. She reached a breaking point, escaped the toxic marriage, started a new life on her terms, and now her future is looking brighter than ever. Tune in and be inspired as she shares her story on this episode of Suddenly Stronger. 

Guest: Roxanne

Intro/ Outro: Stronger by Les Thomas (Check him out on YouTube and Instagram!)

Highlights  ✨

02:13The Disconnected Marriage

03:36The Little Pieces of Truth

05:06The Eccentric Art Pieces

08:05The Amicable Agreement

10:13The Divorce Decree and Agreements

11:54The Loss of Hearing Mishap

13:24The Legally Blind Driver

14:50The Promotion of Disability Awareness

17:57The Adapt or Die Season

19:45The Open and Affirming Church

23:07The Real Trauma Therapist

25:25The Trauma from Stepdad

26:26The EMDR Therapy

27:41The Stupid Statistics

29:14The Feminist Mom

31:50The Kids’ Undivided Attention

34:14The Financial Worth of an Hour’s Time

36:34The Financial Expert

38:55The Chesapeake Experience

40:18The Breaking Point

45:05The Excited Detective

48:00The Late Cop Incident

50:21The Broken System

55:15The Lucky Parts of the Story

58:41The Domestic Violence Victim’s Wisdom

1:00:01The Good Memories

1:01:13The Life After the Divorce

1:03:59The Schedule of Activities

1:05:18The Sexy Moments

1:06:50The Adjustments

1:08:19The Healthy Relationship

1:12:54The PMDD Diagnosis

1:16:13The Misconception on Being Legally Blind

1:18:38The Missed Diagnosis

1:20:27The Effects of COVID in Business

1:22:52The Easy Freezy Freezer Meals

1:25:59The Name by Choice

1:27:07The Birth Father Mystery

1:28:42The Hidden Middle Name

1:30:45The Hassle of Changing Names

1:33:57The Parenting Strategy for Teenagers

1:36:07The Life Lessons

1:40:18The Uncomfortable Conversations

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