Suddenly Stronger

Melinda H - The Young Widow

March 08, 2021 Rachel Flint Season 1 Episode 6
Suddenly Stronger
Melinda H - The Young Widow
Show Notes

By the time Melinda was 20, she was already married with a six-month-old baby. Two weeks before their first anniversary, her husband was killed in a car accident, leaving her to raise their baby on her own. Though coping with his death was incredibly difficult, she knew she had to be present for her son, provide for him, and try to serve both parental roles. Twenty years and several hardships later, she views things with a surprising perspective.

Tune in to be inspired by her strength as she shares her story on this episode of Suddenly Stronger. 

Guest: Melinda H.

Intro/ Outro: Stronger by Les Thomas (Check him out on YouTube and Instagram!)

Highlights  ✨

01:02The Persistent Suitor

02:25The Wedding and a Baby!

02:45The Surprise Party

03:25The Car Accident

07:45The Doctor’s Confirmation

08:20The Horrible Nurse

11:11The Single Motherhood Journey

14:23The Supportive Women in Her Life

15:50The Gratitude

17:15The Helicopter Mom

20:25The Reunion with Parents

25:20The Insightful Moment

26:15The Epiphany 

31:07The Hardships of a Child

34:15The Difficult In-Laws

37:28The Second Marriage

39:34The Birth of Her Mini-Me version

43:27The Nursing School Experience

56:20The Present Supportive Husband

57:00The Loss of Her Mom

58:40The Death of a Father

1:08:32The Lesson of a Single Mom

1:10:05The Adjustments into a Normal Marriage

1:12:40The Step Children (Moving onto a New Family!)

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